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Document Management System

"staff spend up to 50% of their working hours searching for information and documents, which is around 18 minutes, on average, to find each necessary document."

Secretary Western Province Agriculture Ministry Sri Lanka

4 key reasons for your company to invest in an Document Management System

  • Reduce Overhead Cost

    In a Typical office half the time is spent searching for old documents for reference, or thinking about what to do for a specific task assigned searching for information. All because everything is unorganised, and even if it is, its physically impossible to find something as soon as a computer can.
    Offices doesn't need to overcrowd their work space with more office assistants to search for documents and make tea for the stressed out employees.
    Automation is the key to improved productivity, enabling you to boost capacity without having to grow your workforce.

  • Third Party App Integration

    been able to connect your DMS with a third party application you'd always use is a helpful feature that allows you to skip steps of a process. Make it faster and less complicated.
    Not only the capability sae your employees time and effort, it also automatically maintains your data integrity and accuracy.
    this allows your customers to directly send documents to the end point, while you can still track who sent what to who.
    Some of the third party applications that are commonly used are;
    Dropbox - for sharing files
    eBreeze - HRM & Inventory Records
    ZOHO - email related services

  • Safer, Scalable and Cheaper Storage

    It's much more easier to setup security and ensure that your documents, files and information are stored safely.
    No one is able to view or steal a document they are not allowed to, unlike a physical storage, Documents can't be misplaced and lost.
    with proper encryption, not even a hacker who'd steal a confidential document would be able to use it.
    all these combine to make DMS one of the most secure corporate management tools.
    Think about scaling and maintaining a physical storage to hold all your documents and files?
    it's much cheaper and space saving to just use digitised documents. clean desks, cleaner office space, happier employees.
    with the rapid advance of technology, storage capacity limitations has drastically risen over the years, while the cost has lowered.

  • Access Anywhere, Any Time

    when choosing a Document Management System (DMS); it's better to make sure its web based as it enables users to access files, documents and data at any time, any place where you can find internet connectivity and a smart device (mobile, laptop, tab) that can access the internet.
    This helps a lot in many different situations; such as when you need to work with other employees thats working from home or even when they are far away across the world.

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