eBreeze Paperless Government Management System

Project Story

Ebreeze Project was initialized as a pilot project in 2015 to eliminate paper wastage and improving data retrieval efficiency to provide effective administrative decisions.  eBreeze was an idea of Mr. Suranga Guarantee (Director of National Productivity Secretariat), and was developed based on collective insights from all levels of the government officers managing different sections (ex: Inventory, Leave, Transport, Projects), data engineers and application developers.Long discussions and two years of implementation with updates have helped the eBreeze team to optimize the system to cater the basic government office needs. 

The Project was completed on in 2015 and we have now reworked all the coding and have developed the Software with a lot more features with better usability. 

eBreeze is currently fully functioning in the National Productivity Secretariat (NPS) office allowing them to eliminate the paper usage on many sections such as Leave Management Process, Inventory Management Process, and Transport Management. The entire process of the NPS Productivity Awards was managed using eBreeze Awards Management System saving a 40% of Expenses and 54% Time compared to the manual system they previously used. The process was managed much efficiently and less stressfully.

The most visible was the implementation of competition management system we implemented that stripped down a 3 months hard working process to a 3 and a half weeks. The NPS team had to work day and night previously to keep up to their deadlines the previous years and office filled of hand drawn charts and printed papers. the aid eBreeze provided in this the other year was highly recognized by everyone working in and with the NPS team.

Leave Management

  1. Apply for a leave (using all standard government leave types)

  2. Completely Customizable Leaves

  3. Leave approval (with customizable approval levels directly via the app)

  4. Leave reports

  5. Attendance management (synchronized with fingerprint reader) 

  6. Customized Reports

ebreeze app running on a mobile screen and desktop mac screen

Active Users Around the Country

The Number of user accounts created using eBreeze in Sri Lanka.

100 %

Leave, Transport, Inventory Request Forms

No more printed forms are filled to submit a leave request, Transport nor Inventory. Its all done via their own hand phones and easily from anywhere. Imagine the Cost Saved for printing and paper and all the Ink.

+ 0 %

Office Task Efficiency

User task completion efficiency through out the time has been increased by 30% taking into account the Awards Management Team’s data.

Inventory Management

  1. Item Registration with Barcode or QR code 
  2. Stock In (Through GRN)

  3. Storing process (location/item badge)

  4. Requesting Items (requests for events)

  5. Stock Management

  6. Approval Levels (with customized approval levels)

  7. Request Confirmation (with notifications)

  8. Fixed assets recording / maintenance  

  9. Customized Reports

Rupavahini Program on eBreeze

Transport Management

  1. Transport Requests

  2. Approve levels (with customized approval levels)

  3. Driver availability management

  4. Vehicle management

  5. Vehicle maintenance 

    • Upload service and vender receipts

  6. Customized Reports

"All the major functions of the office that can be automated have been automated by eBreeze. We have continued to provide updates that adds new features making eBreeze much easier to work with to save time in government offices.
Productivity Secretariate of Sri Lanka have become the Pioneer in automating their office system and we are proud to have been their Partners in doing so."

Included Features in eBreeze

Event Management

  1. Creating Event.
  2. Assigning event coordinators
  3. Assigning event activities
  4. Even budget allocations
  5. Transport and inventory expenditure reports
  6. Manage events
  7. Managing event coordinators and activity.
  8. Viewing progress reports on events.
  9. Connected with Inventory, Transport, Training Management
  10. Customized Reports

Training Management

  1. Assign Trainers 
  2. Feedback and Ratings for training
  3. Customized Reports

HR & System

  1. User Registration
  2. Password Recovery (secure link by email)
  3. Manage Users
  4. Privilege Package
  5. Activity Log Reports 
  6. Customized Reports

Task and Progress Management

  1. Assigning tasks for users (add time range)
  2. Updates on tasks
  3. Comments on tasks
  4. Re-assigning Tasks
  5. Target monthly activity schedule.
  6. Month end achieved targets and activities.
  7. Assigned yearly targets.
  8. Customized Reports


  1. in app notifications
  2. email notifications
  3. SMS notifications
  4. All modules can use this for send notifications to user (email or in app notification)
  5. Add customized notifications
  6. Send SMS to user at any function of the system

Case Management

  1. Add activities
  2. Create KPI to evaluate activities
  3. Log journal for assigned case agents
  4. Chart reports for entered KPI Data in dashboard
  5. User monthly activity report

Company Notice Board

  1. Admin can add notices
  2. All users will see the notice (will be highlighted on active period)
  3. Auto termination after active period
  4. Customized Notices (Design notices)
  5. Customized Reports

Certifications and Competitions Management

  1. Candidate Registration
  2. Judge Registration
  3. Evaluation assignments
  4. Evaluation visits 
  5. Evaluation judge group assignment 
  6. Judge payment management
  7. Customized Reports
  8. Public portal for candidates to check results and progress.

Document Management System

  1. Upload all Postal Mails/ Documents
  2. Distribute documents among users
  3. Maintain Files (Specially Developed for the Government File Maintenance Method)
  4. Create Documents online like word
  5. Add your Signature online
  6. Assign tags to the document so you can search for each document easily when needed.
  7. Send the document for Approval to other users
  8. Add Minutes to the document
  9. Make changes to the document 
eBreeze old
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