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The project covered the entire inventory management of the NHDA (National Housing Development Authority) head office Inventory Management which enables their branches around the country easily do transactions with the main branch much faster and Clearly.


Been a government office, the Challenges were mostly same as eBreeze. The Diversity of users, Fear of using Information Technology and resistance to change legacy methods


The special attention provided by our team members in solving the issues and developing the solutions as the issues popped up despite the time work or not, made it all possible to sustain and move forward with such an active web application which is used around the country.

Project Description

The main stores of National Housing Development Authority were using an out dated method to manage their stocks. They needed an innovative software system to reduce their use of papers and waste of time while handling their stock requests and inventory records. First, we created a standalone version of a stock control system and had it installed. After that they wanted to manage item requests from other district offices. Then we developed a Web Application to manage the main stores stock transactions. After one year of testing period we implemented the system online on 1st of January 2017. After that they are claiming that most of their works got a lot easier than before and they tend to work from home and anywhere by using mobile devices as the system is fully responsive for all flat forms.

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