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Skip me if you are not a noob to webhosting

Web servers are like your home personal computers. Yet, web servers use high powered hardware components to boost functionality. Never turned off and connected to the internet 24/7 these machines need to be monitored always. The infrastructure to support it, and to maintain web servers is a large investment.

Data Centers are such places where a large number of Web Servers are kept at. Infrastructure and physical maintenance needed are provided by the Data Centers. Yes, people work in data centres to maintain them and its not an easy job. Trust me, you don't want to be inside a server area for too long. The Machines are too loud that could hurt your ears. The heat generated from the machines needs to be cooled, which makes it cold. Some data centres do keep it warm at around 26.6 degrees Celcius though. It's vital that web servers do not stop as a minute of downtime could cost millions for website owners.

The Web Hosting Service Providers provides the software, security and support on hosting. Often data centres themselves are now becoming Hosting service providers. Most buy server space from Data Centers to provide hosting facilities to you. which is the case in Sri Lanka too.

Simply think web hosting to be a shopping mall. A shopping mall contains several individuals stores and if you want to open a store, you need to lease space. Then, set up a shop. likewise, web hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers. Which you can use to set up your website for visitors through the internet.

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When Choosing a website host in Sri Lanka

There are 100s of Web Hosting Service Providers in Sri Lanka currently providing you web hosting services. Almost none of them directly own  data centers and even fewer actually purchase the data center services directly from a data center. Instead, most web hosts simply acts the role of a middle man to resell the web hosting services provided by another company. 

SLT Telecom, and Dialog Axiata the main telecommunication services providers host their own servers within Sri Lanka, however the hosting charges are  relatively higher due to the cost of maintaining the servers is not distributed among a large number of users allowing them to reduce costs for Hosting. However, For Larger Companies with specific requirements on security and services prefer purchasing the services of  these  hosting providers. They have now started providing hosting on low budget limiting functionality.  

We have also been using hosting service providers from all over the world including Sri Lankan web hosting service providers and those top server hosting providers recommended by google. Through our experience in the past 6 years, we have learned  better than to just purchase hosting from companies we think are the best and have actually learned what matters to make your web page load faster. 


Our checklist for selecting a web host service provider to optimize our websites

It’s best to choose a server located in a central location to your target audience. For example, if you choose to host your website at Singapore while your target audience is from US, your website loads slow for them. Which is not a very attractive experience for your website visitors.
You need to find out where you’r hosting service providers servers are located at. trying to minimize the page loading speed is critical for good SEO Ranking.
Most Sri Lankan Hosting Service Providers got their Servers at USA and Singapore. 
Check if the selected host’s server ping is lower to your target audience’s region. This is important! All the web-hosts that are said to be the top 10 doesn’t always suit your need.
you are able to speed check your host’s server here 
1. Copy the URL of your Host’s Server
2. Go to www.Bitcha.com and paste the URL & Search

The the server will be graded according to the response time (latency) which is indicated by the Metric PING. The Ping should be lower to your target region for you to benefit.

Most of the web-hosting services providers recommend you to use their shared hosting service we do too. but, as the number of concurrent users increases the web site starts running slower.
It’s quite bad for your website if that happens; especially when there’s a large number of users.
Testing this your self could be hard. The number of users a server can handle at once depends on the below specifications.
1. Processor (AKA: CPU): essentially determines the speed of understanding something. Like the brains of the Server.
2. RAM: determines how many processes the brain (CPU) could handle at the same time.
3. Storage: provides the capacity to store stuff. The type of HardDisk matters as it determines how fast the brain could find the stuff that’s stored here. The Variation at the moment are SSD and HDD. The SSD is considered faster than the standard HDD HardDisk.

Protecting your website and its visitors from Cyberattacks is important. Such attacks could slow down your site, steal data of your visitors, or even your website. Above, are some of the least damaging things a cyber attack could do.
Secure hosts should protect you against DDoS. Its always better to have an SSL certificate to encrypt information so that stolen information would be worthless.
Most of all, what I appreciate the most is the customer support. The hosting service providers ability to attend to their client needs is essential. The hosting service provider should be able to respond to client support requests immediately.
The prompt response is essential because the client could lose a lot by the minute. Such as potential clients, Sales.
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Web Host Speed Test Results

web host speed result 2020

The results shown above are the server load times to each of the locations such as London, Singapore, Japan,  etc.  It’s not related to website load time;  however, the server load time adds up on to the webpage load time. 

Webpage load time is affected by:

  • the page code
  • Caching
  • Content delivery (CDN)
  • Media Optimization
  • Host Server load Speed.

ultimately, server response time is the foundation of your websites’s speed. Get an Idea of how much it’d cost you to make a website with proper code using the Website Cost Calculator.

The above results table is generated by www.bitcatcha.com where they, benchmark the average results against googles recommended 200ms standard. according to them, for the best user experience the server should least have a B+ rating.

  • Anything below 180 ms is ranked A+
  • 181 ms -210 ms is ranked A
  • 211 ms – 220 ms is ranked B+
  • 221 ms – 240 ms is ranked B
  • 241 ms – 280 ms is ranked C+
  • 281 ms – 360 ms is ranked C
  • 361 ms – 520 ms is ranked D+
  • 521 ms – 840 ms is ranked D
  • 841 ms – 1,480 ms is ranked E+
  • Anything above 1,480 ms is ranked E
Nanobotz Bitcha Result

above diagram displays the result for Nanobotz Cloud Hosting. which as you can see is doing better than most the top hosting service providers for the. south asia region. 

Our server, is perfect for hosting websites targeted for England, Germany, United States East and most Importantly Sri Lanka.

Since most of our websites are Sri Lankan, we wanted to optimize our web host speed for Sri Lanka.

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