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What Is Web Hosting ?

Web servers are like your home personal computers. Yet, web servers use high powered hardware components to boost functionality. Never turned off and connected to the internet 24/7 these machines need to be monitored always. The infrastructure to support it, and to maintain web servers is a large investment.

Data Centers are such places where a large number of Web Servers are kept at. Infrastructure and physical maintenance needed are provided by the Data Centers. Yes, people work in data centres to maintain them and its not an easy job. Trust me, you don't want to be inside a server area for too long. The Machines are too loud that could hurt your ears. The heat generated from the machines needs to be cooled, which makes it cold. Some data centres do keep it warm at around 26.6 degrees Celcius though. It's vital that web servers do not stop as a minute of downtime could cost millions for website owners.

The Web Hosting Service Providers provides the software, security and support on hosting. Often data centres themselves are now becoming Hosting service providers. Most buy server space from Data Centers to provide hosting facilities to you. which is the case in Sri Lanka too.

Simply think web hosting to be a shopping mall. A shopping mall contains several individuals stores and if you want to open a store, you need to lease space. Then, set up a shop. likewise, web hosting companies enable you to lease space on their web servers. Which you can use to set up your website for visitors through the internet.

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Web Hosting Service Providers in Sri Lanka 2020

There are 100s of Web Hosting Service Providers in Sri Lanka currently providing you web hosting services. Almost none of them directly own  data centers and even fewer actually purchase the data center services directly from a data center. Instead, most web hosts simply acts the role of a middle man to resell the web hosting services provided by another company. 

SLT Telecom, and Dialog Axiata the main telecommunication services providers host their own servers within Sri Lanka, however the hosting charges are extremely  high due to the cost of maintaining the servers is not distributed among a large number of users allowing them to reduce costs for Hosting. However, For Larger Companies with specific requirements on security and services prefer purchasing the services of  these  hosting providers. They have now started providing hosting on low budget limiting functionality.