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# This is how website development costs are broken down on most of it. We are completely transparent on our costing and you know exactly what you are paying for and why. These are no Random numbers. its all calculated experience over time to bring you the best prices for each business need we’ve encountered so far. The pricing list will keep evolving and changing according to the Data we gather and calculations to optimize the pricing where any business can find what they need with us.

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#1 Non-Recurring Payment Services

The costs calculated on this calculator are complete one time payments. The prices are divided and features are listed so that you know exactly what you will be getting and how much each of it will cost. 

We are completely transparent about our pricing as we believe, trust is the basis of a long relationship. which we intend to establish with all your businesses.

However, Please contact us for any further clarifications needed. Our staff is friendly and ready to answer any time.

We will be providing 30 Days Free Updates and Changes for all these packages. 24/7 Premium Priority Support for 6 Months which can be extended easily.

Free Life Time Support.

Web Site Services Costs

#2 Recurring Payment Services

We already mentioned that we do business with no hidden fees, which means full disclosure to our customers. 

In order to make sure your website brings you value for your money, We offer you more services, almost all the main services you’d need for your business to grow online.

social media, you tube, facebook
Addon Services
The above services will be provided by us through out the contract period
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the number of posts you need us to create
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these services are calculated monthly
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