you are here because you want to understand how redesigning your website can bring you more customers, you may be wondering the importance to website design. How does it impact your audience and your business? 

I will answer that with a story about how we managed to turn a little restaurant in Victoria, Australia who had an old website that was never updated, and a Facebook page with 2,040 followers into a fusion food hot spot performing extremely well attracting Australian locals as well as Sri Lankans. 

1. Most Important thing is to be Found on google

Think about what you will do when you want to try some fusion food?

Usually, anyone with a smart phone will just go to google and search ” Sri Lankan food restaurants near me” or maybe “best Sri Lankan food in Melbourn”

this will bring up a list of websites on google. The options for you to choose from. If your website does not come out on the top 10 links, your website will not even be an option for a new customer.

The top websites listed on google usually are the best websites there is for that specific search term you searched on google (also known as ‘Keywords’). Now there are many things that makes your website come out on the top of google.

This little restaurant we undertook the web development for didn’t even show up within the top 50 google results for such a narrow niche market.  That was bad. 

We knew, redesigning and getting the cafe website up there would become a serious challenge. but it is possible.


2. the First Impression when someone first visit your site

When you first visit a website of a restaurant you are planning to order from, do you care what it looks like?

This is a restaurant you have never been to, or ever have tried eating food at. So, if the website looks dull and shady, I will just go right back to google and start browsing the other results. 

The look of your website at the first impression matters a lot. The first impression of your business might be the reason for you to lose that customer forever.

They will judge your business within seconds. In these first few seconds, you want to make a positive impact on your audience. It’s not fair that the website is the most key factor that gives off the first impression to your company you might say. but think upon this

for you to give off a great first impression for a walk-in customer,

  1. Keep it clean and Bright daily throughout the day.
  2. Goods Presentation maintained every hour.
  3. Contemporary Music Playing & a decent perfume at the entrance to try and ensure to start off in a positive note.
  4. Professionally dressed clean staff.
  5. Train your staff to provide the welcome your customers expect to receive.
  6.  Fixing and maintaining all the physical goods.
How much would this cost you each day? these are all important too; but the effort of designing a website to impress is far lower than to do all that.
Our Sri Lankan Food Restaurant had all that physical store front part done perfectly. Customers who went there liked the experience so much that the Facebook page was growing slowly but steadily with great comments and reviews from customers who visit there.
Yet our Sri Lankan Food shop here didn’t really see that many new customers walking in daily. Only the usual customers who love their food and experience. Without even them knowing, their old website was,
1. Inciting distrust for customers who finds their website.
2. Lowered the brand image on the restaurant in the visitor’s mind.
3. Increased customer complaints on google reviews without even the owners knowing.

3. Customer Experience and immersion

Have you ever accidentally found a website on google that made you call that company and purchase something you didn’t even plan to buy?

Now that is a great website! a website that has managed to take you through the consumer decision making process converting you into a paying customer.

  1. That website has first grabbed your attention created the awareness of the existence of their business which you never knew existed before.
  2. Then the website has incited interest in you making you want to read more and learn more holding on to your attention.
  3. Next that website, showed you how you could benefit from their product or services, showed you what you could achieve making you desire what they are selling.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, this website has gained your trust, and have managed to make you purchase from them converting you to become one of their customers.

Have you ever thought that a website could play such a key role for your business?

Basically, your website can become a tour guide/ salesperson for a completely new visitor to your website and convert them to become one of the loyal customers that would continue to purchase from you and support you with references.

Our Sri Lankan food restaurant now is slowly building back that trust in customers, getting more and more new customers daily. Even the locals who never thought to try a Sri Lankan meal are now trying out their food.

do you know how many potential customers you have already lost due to not having a good website? 

4. a tool that makes your life easier and efficient

One more thing we did for the Sri Lankan Food restaurant we were helping was providing them an online reservation option allowing their customers to skip calling the reception waiting for someone to answer, check if they can reserve a table for a specific date and time.

This feature increased their booking rate compared to pre web redesign by 34.6% in just one month. What made the difference here was because the reservation facility we provided tackled few important problems they had prior to doing this.

  1. The tool allowed customers to simply view the site and check if a specific time slot is available to be booked. This also showed them if the restaurant is expected to be crowded by that time.
  2. The process of reserving was made so easy, that they were able to skip having to make awkward conversation with someone they were not familiar with.
  3. The customers received a booking confirmation email allowing to assure that their booking won’t be forgotten, a guarantee that their booking will be there when they get to the restaurant.

the restaurant owners benefited by

  1.  been able to let the website do the role of managing the bookings and keeping up with the customers providing them information which previously they had to do by themselves. So, no human errors or delays, automated emails reminded the customer of their booking and the restaurant staff get notified of the booking to leave that table reserved and cleaned.
  2. Since the owners first language wasn’t English, they had a tough time understanding all the different accents. This problem was instantly solved because the number of calls they got reduced immensely since the customers started reserving through the website.
  3. The reservation facility they provided was not available in any of their other competitors websites which made them a better option for some of their competitors customers. So, people that would have never tried out their food had started to try them and had now converted to their restaurant.


These are just few of the benefits they received from one simple feature/ tool their new website offered. 

This is only one tool, but there are so much more notable features that could make a website truly the answer for a lot of the tough situations you are facing with your business.

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