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Your ideal target customer is looking for you on the web, on Social Media and everywhere, are you going to wait for them to find you by some miracle?

You need one of the coolest web-design companies in Sri Lanka, to help you build your website.

The website that will increase your client count by 60% within months…

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About Us

Tiny But Brave Team since - 2014.

We are a Tiny Company, But our work is absolutely huge! It’s never been a smooth journey, but the hard path has seasoned us to take on any challenge with a smile.

CEO & Co Founder

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COO & Co Founder

CTO & Director

Our Vision

Next level quality in IT solutions

Creative & Professional Website

The modern web design process we follow is truly an immersive experience for our client to allow them to feel like they are truly in charge with a talented team of Marketers, Web Designers and Artists listening to them.

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Our Honest Experties

Expertiese for a great website

Through years of working with clients, and seeing the most important skills we need, we have prioritized learning these with a lot of challenging work.  So, we are going to be honest about what we know and what we don’t. 

Web Design
Web Development
Business Analysis for Web
Mobile App Development
Graphic Design
Video Editing
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Your Online Business Development Journey.

Your company is unique, and so the milestones won’t be the same for everyone, but this is the basic guide.

You will find our approach is a bit different from all other web developers, but that’s because we are not just web developers.

You are the heart and soul of your business. So the first step is to learn allowing us to…

Everyone thinks the development of the website is it, but that is very wrong. That’s when the hard part start…

The immersive experience of developing your second business front is our specialty to ensure…

With all the designs done, the development is the easy part. You sit and watch while we do the magic.

Our Clients

Our clients are our family. We cherish them and work with them together always beyond our call of duty. that is why we can always proudly say our clients will always recommend us for our service. That relationship is what we cherish the most.

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Direct Products from us

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ERP System

Office Management ERP Developed for Government Offices

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SMS Marketing App

A perfect solution for new startups to start marketing their businesses via SMS and emails

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e-Commerce & POS

Simple solution to start selling online, manage your inventory and Sell Directly as a POS

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Bakery & Delivery Management

Grow your Bakery Business. Automate your work and make your business professional.


What They say about us

"we thought our website was going be just something to validate us as a company. But what it did actually was save a lot of time. Nanobotz guys made our daily work a whole lot easier implementing different tools that we didn’t even know we could use a website for."
Kasun Amarasinghe
CEO CBMS Colombo
"Dinuka and his team has saved us months of annual repetitive work and labour and transport cost by developing us a great ERP system. What I appreciate the most is that, their solution was not just limited to a software, but also actually taking time to analyse our process and actually work on saving us time and money. for the past few years, we have been able to complete our annual reports in couple of days which previously took us 2 months of over time."
Dhammika Edirisinghe
DGM Finance NHDA
"My company's requirement was never going to be an easy build. I knew I'd have to find a highly skilled developer to bring the efficiency of my staff to a satisfactory level. Prahas and Dinuka with their Nanobotz team have exceeded my expectations on all account. Prahas's attention to detail is extraordinary. He's an excellent problem-solver and has contributed so much beyond just developing the Human Resource Management System for my company. The incredible efficiency of work and flexibility of Dinuka leading the project ensured I got the project delivered to me in time I've worked with many software companies but Nanobotz is by far the best. I highly recommend them."
Lalith Priyantha
Chairman Lada
"I cannot recommend Nanobotz highly enough. They are without doubt the most professional, helpful application developers I have come across in my entire career of government service. Their response time is instantaneous, their knowledge extensive and their costs more than reasonable."
Suranga Warshakoon
Ex Director NPS
"When you choose Nanobotz you get a wonderful, professional and friendly team with innovative ideas, loved the customer service, and exactly what you’re looking for. Nanobotz team listened to us, took the ideas that we had and put them perfectly on the web."
Director Ranbath
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